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Showing you the Pomellato inspection process!

I love to shop online, but sometimes I worry a little bit when shopping online.

"Is it the right size?"
"Is it the same color as the image?"

I'm even more curious about…

"What condition will it be in?"
"What if it's a weird product?"

Have you ever felt the same way? So that you can enjoy shopping at our store with peace of mind, let us show you our inspection process!

Once we receive the goods from Italy, we open the package and check the contents of the product carefully.


・Is the product the same as the one you ordered?
・Is the package clean?
・Are there any scratches or stains on the product?
・Check that the contents of the warranty card are correct.

Make sure every detail is in place.

Actual inspection scene

Remove the product from the box it arrived in and check the overall condition of the product. blog2-02-2pomellato-packing-image2

We always wear gloves when inspecting products and handle them with care. blog2-02-3pomellato-packing-image3


The products are inspected in detail to make sure that there are no scratches on the stones or the body, and that the Pomellato stamp is in good condition.

When we are sure that the product is completely safe and ready to be delivered to the customer, we return the product to its original state.


We'll put it back in the box, add the warranty card, and we're done! blog2-02-6pomellato-packing-image6

This is the piece that you have been looking forward to, that you chose us from among the many stores and ordered. The most important thing for us is to deliver products in the right condition to satisfy our customers. We hope you feel at ease with us.