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The popular Pomellato NUDO ring that gives you power

Today, we would like to introduce you to many of our very popular NUDO rings.

Blue, which never fades in charm


Pomellato Nudo Petit Ring Blue Topaz
Just looking at the crystal clear blue color makes you feel at peace. It is also ideal for combination with tonal coloring. It is also nice to combine London blue topaz or white topaz to enjoy the blue gradation.

White Topaz, a persistent favorite for its clear brilliance


Pomellato Nudo Petit Ring White Topaz
White topaz gathers an amazing amount of brilliance with just a little light. Its natural and clean atmosphere is a jewel that will be loved for a long time regardless of age.

Amethysts accentuate the charm of adults


Pomellato Nudo Petit Ring Amethyst
Amethyst is always one of the most popular in our store. The stand-out color makes the entire outfit stand out and has a strong presence.

Prasiolite, which has a variety of expressions depending on the light


Pomellato Nudo Classic Ring Prasiolite

Pomellato Nudo earrings Prasiolite
The elegant and classy green is always full of charm. Many people purchase earrings as a set with rings.

Pink quartz has a romantic, gentle atmosphere.


Pomellato Nudo Classic Ring Pink Quartz
It is a luxurious ring with a moist and elegant color that melts into your skin and makes you feel gentle just by wearing it.

Classic rings for enjoying the volume


Pomellato Nudo Classic Ring Blue Topaz
This classic ring is just the right size to create a three-dimensional effect on the fingertips when worn with the different size NUDO ring.

If you find something you like, please feel free to contact us.

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