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Coordinate in white with Pomellato to shine in winter

It has become very cold in Japan. At night, the stars look so beautiful in the clear air that it makes you forget for a moment the hustle and bustle of the end of the year. When I saw a pure white bride's dress the other day, I realized that white is a reflection of a person's personality. I felt that the dress was beautiful not because it was gorgeous, but because it reflected a purely happy heart. Speaking of white, our beloved Pomellato also looks great when coordinated in white for winter.

Mode jewelry with sophisticated beauty


Diamonds of various sizes are like stars in the night sky, making this ring romantic and special.

M'ama Non M'ama for the cuteness of adult women


The new M'ama Non M'ama has a pure and elegant charm with diamonds surrounding the jewel.

Mysterious moonstone for a peaceful feeling


This ring will add a touch of class to a shiny silk cocktail dress or lace dress with its understated yet elegant presence.

What did you think of it? Coordinating white and off-white with the sparkle of snowflake-like diamonds. There are many more charms of colorless jewelry, such as adding more dignity to a dress made of rich material, or creating an understated femininity with a slightly slimmer type. Please enjoy the white coordination only in winter.

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