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Here in Tokyo, we are starting to feel the end of summer little by little. Although I feel a little sad, the fashion world has already released its AW collection, and I am excited to see what kind of jewelry I can coordinate with it. Necklaces and voluminous rings to go with the knits would be preferred!

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I'm thinking of getting a Prasiolite to go with my Pomellato NUDO Classic ring Citrine, and I wonder whether Maxi or Petit would be better for layering. I am tall and have large hands. Please advise.

AnswerWe are very happy to hear that you are considering wearing it with your Pomellato NUDO Classic ring Citrine, and that you enjoy Pomellato jewelry.
By layering both the petit and maxi rings, the Classic ring Citrine will add a well-balanced glamour to your coordination.
As you are a tall woman, the Pomellato jewelry with its strong presence will look great on you.
For those with small hands, the combination of a maxi ring and a Classic ring can be difficult to balance because of its volume, but for those with taller bodies, it is highly recommended to coordinate with a maxi ring.
The volume and glamour of the maxi and Classic rings will make the Pomellato design stand out even more.
In addition, the petit size is too small to be worn alone, while the maxi size can be enjoyed as a stand-alone piece, and is recommended as it will add glamour to any outfit.

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