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February will be here before you know it. Every day passes by at an amazing speed, so fast that I can't seem to catch up with my feelings. However, the season does not wait for us, so we have to prepare for spring. Spring is a time when fashion changes and there's more to look forward to♪ I would like to share with you some of the emails we have received from our customers to help you enjoy your shopping experience, whether you are looking for a new piece of jewelry for the coming spring or you are a new customer to our store♪

Is the Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama ring about the same size as the Pomellato NUDO?

AnswerBoth Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama ring and Pomellato NUDO ring are almost the same size. Both collections are very popular and can be enjoyed in a wide range of coordinated styles.

I am considering the Pomellato NUDO series earrings with diamonds. Is the diamond part only available in white gold? Do you have rose gold or yellow gold? Does the chain of the necklace also come in yellow or white gold?

AnswerNUDO is designed in white gold and rose gold, and is not available in yellow gold. The reason for this is that the bottom part of the base of the NUDO is made of white gold, which enhances the reflection of the light from the gemstone and increases its brilliance. The other parts are made of rose gold. I hope you will enjoy the sparkle of Pomellato (^ ^)

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