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Pomellato SABBIA jewelry to change the ordinary you

Our beloved Pomellato has a lot of nature-themed jewelry. Among them, "SABBIA" has the strongest message and the more you look at it, the more it attracts you.

The fusion of beautiful nature and jewelry


The jewelry is inspired by the beauty of the natural forms created by the many beautiful islands brought to earth from the vastness of space.
Sabbia is available in three unique jewelry colors that can be combined to create a variety of different looks.


You can also enjoy different impressions with the size of your jewelry.

Delicate brilliance to be worn anytime


It is easy to combine with your jewelry, and its delicate brilliance will add a touch of class to your daily life. The design is easy to coordinate and full of modesty, making it a special piece of jewelry that can create a sophisticated impression.

This is a special piece of jewelry that will add a new sparkle to your outfit. If you find something you like, please feel free to contact us.

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