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How are you all doing? We introduce inquiries from our customers and share their questions and concerns with you. I would like to introduce some of them to you again, and hope you find them useful.

Why are the prices of the products sold at Luce Jewelry so unbelievably low?

AnswerIt is natural for you to feel uneasy about the prices, as they are much lower than overseas stores. We import directly from Italy, and since we do not have a physical store but only an online store, we are able to offer lower prices.
We hope you enjoy the beauty of our jewelry at a reasonable price. All of our products come with a warranty card. Please be assured that we deliver only authentic products.

Is the amount to be paid only the listed price? Does it say that there is no customs duty, or is there no shipping fee?

AnswerWe import the products directly from Italy and ship them to you after receiving and inspecting them at our branch in Japan. All customs and shipping charges are free of charge. You will not be charged for anything other than the listed price.

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