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Pomellato NUDO ring, recommendations for each color stone!

Pomellato's fine natural stones are transparent and have a wonderful top quality color. So, today, we would like to introduce the recommendations for each of the colored stones used in the Pomellato NUDO collection.

A prime example of summery colors! Blue Topaz


It is a stone that has a fascinating meaning as a power stone and is said to attract what the owner really needs. This stone will help you meet someone in business who you can grow with for a lifetime, and in love, it will help you meet the perfect partner! Blue topaz is also a good choice when you want to add a touch of freshness.


Purple amethyst, a color with great presence


It has very strong spiritual power, calming and relieving anxiety. It is also known as "the stone that guards true love" and is a very popular stone for achieving romance. The selection of elegant shades and dark colors can be used to accentuate your look, regardless of the season.

Green-colored Prasiolite


Prasiolite is actually a green amethyst! On days when you have a calm and natural look, or when you feel a little lacking in your wardrobe, layering one of these on top of the other will give you a stylish and comfortable look. Prasiolite, whose base is amethyst, is also said to be a "love guardian stone" or "stone that brings true love".

Lemon quartz, a color that blends well with the skin


Since lemon quartz is light in appearance, it can also be used in a gradation of blue and green colors for layering. As a power stone, it brings vivacity and cheerfulness, restoring energy and balance to the body and mind.

Which colored stone was your favorite? They're all so fascinating, you just want to collect them all!

I order the London blue topaz, which is enchanting with its deep ocean blue color.

Please find your favorite stone that will lead you to happiness.

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