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This time of year in Tokyo, even though the temperature is low, the humidity is high, making it hot and humid. "I want to feel refreshed!" I've been using mint aromatics and lemongrass, and I've been focusing on summer dresses and shirts with fresh colors♪ Pomellato's NUDO, which looks like a small ice cube, is perfect for summer coordination.

I still feel energized when I wear the sparkling power of Italian jewelry. Whether you are a newcomer or a first-time buyer, we want you to have a great jewelry life, so we share customer inquiries with you. "I wanted to ask something like this!" "I want to know, but I'm not sure if I should ask..." You may find the answer to your daily questions here. Please check it out♪

I love Pomellato and would love to buy one. I found Luce Jewelry's website and was surprised at the low price. My simple question is why is it so cheap?

AnswerWe have a contract with a store in Italy and import directly from Italy. In addition, since we do not have a physical store but only sell online, there is no middle man and we are able to offer lower prices.

I would like to ask about the color of the Pomellato Nudo ring. I'd like to wear it on top of my Pomellato Nudo ring in the future, but I'm not sure if white topaz is a good match. It's all so tempting, I can't decide!

AnswerWhite topaz is a popular choice for those who enjoy layering, as it can be easily matched with any color. If you have one, it will come in very handy.

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