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The charm of the colorless stone, white topaz, the birthstone of November.

I am often asked, "Which Pomellato collection is your favorite?” My favorite collections and favorite jewels change each time, so I try to answer what I am wearing at the time and what new collections I am interested in. What about you all?

Our most popular line is the NUDE collection. Another reason for its popularity is that its sophisticated design can be loved for a long time without being affected by trends. All the stones in the NUDE collection are so attractive that many customers who come to our store for the first time say, "I can't decide which stone to choose..." Many of them ask for advice. Some people choose by their birthstone or by their favorite language of gemstones. We also recommend colorless jewelry that can be easily matched for stacking later on.

The clear beauty of white topaz



Pomellato NUDO ring white topaz
Our staff is also layering NUDE rings and necklaces, and white topaz seems to be a must-have item. Just by adding clear gems among blue, yellow, green and other colored gems, you can create a transparent and gentle layering effect.


Pomellato NUDO collection white topaz
It's also a great way to add a touch of class with its coolness in the summer and its massive shine in the winter. White topaz has a cool impression due to its beautiful transparency, but you may also be a little curious about its language and effects as a power stone.

November birthstone - White topaz



Pomellato NUDO collection white topaz
It is said to be the second hardest gemstone after diamond, and has a great transparency, making it a favorite among colorless jewelers for its colorless beauty. One of its charms is that you can fully enjoy its beautiful transparency, but another reason for its popularity is that it is easy to match with any fashion and can be used for any occasion. It is said to have the power to clear your thoughts and guide you to solve problems and move forward smoothly on your path.

It is also said to be a stone that helps you when you are lost or forced to make a choice. So not only is it beautiful, but it also clears your thoughts!

Stone language
"November birthstone”


What did you think of it? If you find something you like, please feel free to contact us.

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