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[MIKIMOTO pearls for a lifetime] Recommended length of pearl necklace for daily use is x cm

Popular pearl necklaces are often used for ceremonial occasions and are a bit conservative when it comes to daily use. If you want to use it in a stylish way, how many centimeters is the best type to use?

A 60cm matinee is useful for daily use in a stylish way. The best pearl size is 6 to 7.5 mm.

Mikimoto pearl image

Many people have 40cm Chokers for ceremonial use, but they can look a little conservative for daily use. The 80cm Opera is a good length for a night out, and the 60cm Matinee is best for stylish, everyday use! The most common pearl size is 6 to 7.5 mm, and if the pearl size is over 8 mm, it looks bigger, so the size will be more suitable for older people.

Choker (40 ㎝)
Mikimoto pearl image

Matinee (60 ㎝)
Mikimoto pearl image

Opera (80 ㎝)
Mikimoto pearl image

A pearl necklace is a reliable item to have. It is an item that will add dignity to your daily fashion as well as formal occasions. Why not try wearing it with a simple shirt or knitwear to enjoy adult elegance?

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