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Introduction to the world's watches ~Chanel~

It's getting cold. In no time at all, December will be here. Have you decided on a gift for a loved one or for yourself? In addition to jewelry, our store carries watches that make great gifts. So, we will introduce you to some of Chanel's most popular collections.

”Premiere" has a special luxurious presence



In French, it means "the first" or "the one at the top”. Chanel has created watches for women in the position of watches in the high brand industry, which until now has been dominated by rather masculine watches. A simple dial, a luxurious bracelet. The design is not limited to the frame of a dress watch, nor is it limited to the frame of a watch and jewelry, but has a presence that matches the mature woman.

”J12" in ceramic material



When you hear the word "ceramic," you tend to think of casual, sporty watches, but Chanel has created a huge boom in the watch industry. With its luxurious luster, this watch is a new value that can be worn by both men and women. It is an attractive watch that can be worn "naturally and stylishly" without being too heavy, while still having a sense of dignity that is second to none when worn with fine jewelry.

”Boy-friend" that has become an icon of the brand



It can be worn not only in a luxurious way but also modestly. This is an elegant watch that is perfect for modern women who are looking for adult chic. The belt that matches the calm and orthodox dial is made of a material that is full of freshness and newness.

What did you think of it? Which model is your favorite? We can also provide you with rare items, so please feel free to contact us.

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