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Make a difference with Marco Bicego! ~Introducing a way of coordination~

There has been a lot of unsettling news lately, but we hope that this blog will provide you with a little diversion.

Well, we don't need to propose it to you, but our customers who love Pomellato are all very fashionable! There are many different ways to wear jewelry, from a strong jewelry fashion statement to a chic, understated style.

Jewelry for the mature romantic



This pair of earrings features a shimmering gradation of blue topaz. The perfect way to create a romantic luxury for adults without being too sweet. It's a beautiful, shiny gold with an exceptional finish that shows careful craftsmanship, so when you wear it, you'll feel great! This jewelry will brighten up your face, and the elaborate design is sure to be praised by those around you.

* All the jewelry in the image can be delivered to you. We can also supply items that are not listed in the store. Please inform us that you saw it on our blog♪

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