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Introducing the beautiful layering of Pomellato's most popular NUDO Ring

Today we would like to introduce the always popular Pomellato iconic NUDO ring.

A golden combination of diamonds and blue topaz♪

Pomellato nudo ring image

A diamond in a layer of blue topaz makes it more classic and elegant.

Elegance of London blue topaz

Pomellato nudo ring image

You may know that the deepest and darkest blue of blue topaz is called London blue topaz and has a high rarity value. The London blue topaz is always the most popular in our store. The mysterious and noble blue color, like the deep sea, will make your heart skip a beat with its beauty every time you wear it.

It is said that the combinations of Pomellato NUDO rings are infinite, and the impression can be changed depending on the color, size, and position of the ring.

With the addition of the largest Assoluto size, many of our customers are saying, "All of these rings are so attractive, It's hard to decide which Pomellato NUDO ring to choose, they're all so attractive! It's really hard to choose because they are all so beautiful! Please take your time in choosing.

Please feel free to consult with us about anything from coordination to any questions or concerns you may have.

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