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Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama, what's the secret to stacking rings?

Each Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama stone has its own message, and you can combine them to create your own story. If you can freely wear them in layers, the enjoyment of wearing them will be doubled. Today, we' d like to introduce you to the size of M'ama Non M'ama, so that you can learn more about its charm.

Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama - What size is suitable for layering?

M'ama Non M'ama's rings are designed so that the center stone does not protrude inside the ring and fits comfortably on the finger.

Designed with no stones protruding from the inside of the ring

Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama collection image

When stacking rings, it is often fine to use the same size for both top and bottom.

Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama collection image

If you are fine with the same size on the top and bottom, you can change the combination according to your mood, or reverse the position of the top and bottom, or arrange them in various ways to enjoy even more attractive layering.

Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama collection image

Peridot's message is "hope" Rhodolite garnet's message is " friendship"

Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama collection image

From the top Iolite "Ideal" Fire opal "Passion" Peridot "Hope"

The charm of Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama is that you can enjoy wearing it in many different ways with different messages and colors of your favorite stones.

The feeling of finger size varies from person to person, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. How about adding a color to your Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama Ring that you can enjoy layering?

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