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About rose quartz, a beautiful gemstone language

How are you all doing? Today we would like to introduce you to the beautiful gemstone language of rose quartz. Quartz is one of the most common minerals, and the colorless transparent one is called crystal. Some of them are mixed with natural minerals and have a certain color. Yellow (lemon quartz), pink (rose quartz), reddish brown (madera quartz)ā€¦ There are many other names for it, but it's a bit complicated, so I'll talk about it another time.

Romantic rose quartz


It is said to be effective in healing emotional wounds and increasing the energy of the Lord's love. This gemstone has the effect of calming the mind and giving hope. The feminine pale pink color will naturally lead you to a gentle and positive feeling, covering up your mental fatigue as you wear it.

Since ancient times, it has been thought of as a stone that symbolizes peace and love because of its gentle pink color that heals those who see it.

The pale tones favored by women have a calming and healing effect. This gemstone is especially popular in early spring because it reminds you of pretty pink flowers. It has a soft and feminine impression that makes it a great gift.

Stone language
"October birthstoneā€

Love, Healing, Truth


Pomellato NUDO collection pink quartz


What did you think of it? Even among the same family of quartz, each quartz has a different personality. We will also introduce you to other types of quartz. Whether you want to reward yourself for your hard work or give a gift to a loved one, please choose a beautiful piece of jewelry that reflects your heartfelt feelings. We are happy to help you choose jewelry and gifts. Please feel free to contact us.

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