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"Obsidian" is a gem that is a powerful partner for women.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the Pomellato NUDO ring Obsidian in mysterious black from Pomellato Night and Day, a brand that has been inundated with inquiries lately.



It has a very strong energy and is said to change negative emotions into positive ones and support us mentally.


It changes its expression under the light, and has a mysterious, captivating, and gentle beauty. It keeps you away from negativity, hones your intuition, and helps you reach your goals faster.

Obsidian is a stone that has been closely used in people's lives since ancient times. For example, the Aztecs of ancient Mexico believed that wrapping a wound with finely crushed Obsidian had an analgesic effect. It's a piece of jewelry that seems to give you power just by wearing it.

What did you think of it? Black jewelry is easy to match with any styling and can create a sense of adult luxury, so having one is very useful and recommended. We can also supply items that are not listed in the store. Please let us know that you saw it on our blog.

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