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About prasiolite, a beautiful gemstone language

How are you all doing? In the past, we have introduced you to the gemstone language, there are many more gems to share with you! Today, we would like to talk about prasiolite, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

Prasiolite, with its fresh green color.


It is also known as green amethyst. This is a purple amethyst that has been transformed into a light green by the heat of the volcano. Prasiolite has the power to calm the mind, fill it with love and make things better. It is a very popular gemstone with a beautiful pale green color. It has the power to heal the mind, restore balance, and bring out hidden potential and talents, and to promote positive thinking.

Prasiolite means "bright green" in Greek. It was treated as a precious gemstone because of its rarity and low circulation.

It is bright and transparent, and its noble atmosphere, which weaves various expressions depending on the light, fits in well with any scene. It is a very popular gemstone for rewarding yourself for your hard work and as a gift for your loved ones.

Stone language
"February birthstone”

Guardian stone of love, Bloom, Sedentariness, Creativity

What did you think of it? Did you find a piece of jewelry that was perfect for you, or a gemstone language that rings a bell? Gemstones are not only beautiful, but they are also the perfect partner to bring happiness to the owner. Please find a nice piece of jewelry that will suit you.

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