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Introducing the inspection process ~products are arriving one after another across the faraway sea~

How are you all doing? Since we wear face masks these days, large earrings that are not hidden by the mask are very popular and we are receiving inquiries about them. Also today, from early in the morning, many pieces of jewelry arrived across the distant sea. We will carefully redecorate it and marry it off to you who are waiting for it.

Would the jewelry that had crossed the distant sea be alright?


It arrives carefully and tightly packaged.


It is unlikely that even the box will be damaged because it is packed so tightly.


A lot of items arrive one after another, and we carefully inspect each one. Happy and thrilled, like seeing my child for the first time.


We inspect the item number, the box for scratches, the gemstone itself, and the arm in detail. At the end of the process, the items are beautifully wrapped and sent to customers who will cherish them for a lifetime.

What did you think of it? Today we showed you a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes at Luce Jewelry. We hope you enjoy shopping with further peace of mind. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.