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About London blue topaz, a beautiful gemstone language

I recently received a question from a customer who purchased one of our jewels, "What good will come from wearing this jewel? It would be even more endearing to know what kind of feelings are put into the jewelry you receive as a gift, and what kind of power the stones in the jewelry you wear all the time have. So today, we would like to introduce our popular Pomellato NUDO collection and talk about the beautiful gemstone language of London blue topaz.

London blue topaz, a beauty as dark as the deep sea


The beautiful and noble deep blue of blue topaz is a very popular stone with many lovers. It is also rare, hard and scratch resistant, which makes it attractive to wear as jewelry. Deep blue is said to have a calming effect on the mind and strengthen thoughts.

・Types of Blue Topaz
Pale blue "Sky blue topaz," slightly darker blue "Swiss blue topaz," and almost indigo blue "London blue topaz. (London blue topaz is considered to be the most beautiful of all, and is often the most expensive jewelry)

Many people give London blue topaz jewelry to their loved ones or for anniversaries.

Stone language
"November birthstone”

Thought enhancement, Smoothness, Success, Inquisitiveness, High leadership skills



Pomellato NUDO collection london blue topaz


What did you think of it? What kind of message did you find in the jewelry you wore without thinking? The more you learn about gemstones, the more fun it is to wear them. If you would like to know the message of this stone, please contact us.

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