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About white topaz, a beautiful gemstone language

I recently received a question from a customer who purchased one of our jewels, "What good will come from wearing this jewel? It would be even more endearing to know what kind of feelings are put into the jewelry you receive as a gift, and what kind of power the stones in the jewelry you wear all the time have. So today, we would like to introduce you to our popular Pomellato NUDO collection and talk about the beautiful gemstone language of white topaz.

White topaz with an appealing transparency


It is like a supporter stone that boosts the owner's energy and guides in a positive direction. It is hard like a diamond, and its clear beauty is said to have the effect of cleaning the mind with its clear energy. Colorless and transparent topaz without impurities or cracks is very difficult to produce, and the scarcity of beautiful white topaz is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Its colorless transparency makes it easy to match with any outfit, and it can be used for a long time by people of all ages.

It has been used as a sacred stone in Christian ceremonies, and has also been loved by artists and musicians for its power to stimulate sensitivity and imagination.

The clear beauty is easy to wear in any situation and can be easily adopted as a first jewelry, making it a perfect gift.

Stone language
"November birthstoneā€

Purity, Hope, Fraternity, Intellect, Innocence



Pomellato NUDO collection white topaz

What did you think of it? What kind of message did you find in the jewelry you wore without thinking? The more you learn about gemstones, the more fun it is to wear them. If you would like to know the message of this stone, please contact us.

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