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About amethyst, a beautiful gemstone language

How are you all doing? In the past, we have introduced you to the gemstone language, there are many more gems to share with you! Today, we would like to talk about the popular amethyst.

Amethyst, which can be worn with a noble atmosphere


The calm, deep purple color is popular for its graceful beauty and feminine appeal. It is said to have a mystical atmosphere and healing effects. Amethyst, a sublime purple stone, is also called the guardian stone of love and is popular for achieving romantic success. It is also very spiritual and has the power to detoxify and purify negative energy.

From mythology, it was believed that drinking from a glass made of amethyst would ward off demons in Greece, and that it would ward off intoxication and demons without getting drunk on alcohol. Today, it is said that if you have an amethyst, you will not have a hangover.

The mysterious and noble color gives a feminine impression and makes a modest and mature woman shine. The deep purple color can be loved for a long time and is high in cleansing power, making it a perfect gift for hard-working yourself or your loved ones.

Stone language
"February birthstone”

True love, Sincerity, Mental stability, Protection from evil, Positive mind, Family happiness

What did you think of it? Did you find a piece of jewelry that was perfect for you, or a gemstone language that rings a bell? Gemstones are not only beautiful, but they are also the perfect partner to bring happiness to the owner. Please find a nice piece of jewelry that will suit you.

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