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FRED Force10 Bitter color cable for fall and winter

FRED - a Parisian jewelry brand. Since its establishment, this jewelry brand has been loved by royalty and Hollywood stars. When it comes to FRED, Force 10 is what it's all about! The standard cables are fresh colors that remind you of summer, such as white, blue, and gray, but this time we will introduce warm colored cables recommended for cold winter.


Speaking of FRED Force10, a full diamond buckle can be said to be the typical. The diamonds laying on top of the buckle sparkle and shine on the wrist. Men should wear Force10 too, because when you roll up your arms or pick up something high, a glimpse of Force10 on your wrist glinting from your sleeve is ...... the coolest thing ever!!

Buckles range from standard designs such as plain without diamonds and half diamonds (with a few grains) to unique designs such as with gradation-inlaid diamonds and ceramic types. If you already own FRED, we recommend layering them on top of each other. It will make you a little different and more fashionable than others.

Although FRED has an image of summer, the mood can be completely changed by simply changing the color of the cables. For fall and winter, darker colors such as khaki, burgundy, and violet will give a warm impression.


Discover your favorite set with your beloved buckles and colored cables. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about coordinating or ordering FRED Force10.

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