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Inheriting a legendary design "Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope"

The "Chronoscope" combines the legendary design of OMEGA's flagship "Speedmaster" model with inspiration from the history of OMEGA's chronograph watches since the 1940s.


The distinctive feature is the "snailed" design used on the dials of OMEGA chronograph models from the 1940s.


Three scales (tachymeter scale, pulse meter scale, and telemeter scale) are located in the center of the dial.

Tachymeter is a function that measures the time taken by a car to travel a certain distance, thereby giving an idea of the speed at which the car is traveling. In addition, the pulse meter can easily measure the pulse rate per minute. Then, the telemeter can measure the distance between two points. For example, by measuring the time it takes for lightning to flash and rumble, you can determine the approximate distance to the thunder. Thus, the great appeal of "Chronoscope" is that it has a variety of measurement functions that go beyond just measuring time.


The bracelet is made of fine links with a narrower width and fits snugly on the arm for a very comfortable fit. The watch is equipped with OMEGA's proprietary hand-wound "Co-axial master chronometer caliber 9908" movement. The Co-Axial mechanism, a mechanism within the movement, reduces friction between parts and reduces the need for lubricant. As a result, we have succeeded in extending the overhaul cycle from the usual approximately five years to eight to ten years.


The movement is decorated with a beautiful arabesque Geneva wave, which can be admired through the see-through back.


Discover the fascination of the "Speedmaster Chronoscope," a legendary design revived.

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