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Pomellato NUDO or M'ama non m'ama?

They are Pomellato's most popular collection, giving you the freedom to enjoy ring stacking.

The NUDO ring is a simple, modern ring that, as the name suggests, is boldly adorned with the stones as they are. The unique way in which the center stone appears to be floating in a setting where the clasp is inconspicuous is a symbol of Italian craftsmanship.

You will love to stack several rings together, as you can see in many of our favorite Nudo rings' layered looks in magazines and on Instagram.

The M'ama non m'ama ring is a unique ring that allows you to express yourself by mixing in bright cabochon cut gemstones.

The rounded arms are feminine and the flowing stacking from the center stone flatters the supple fingertips.

The ring has been featured on celebrity Instagram and is very popular. The delicate, slender form of this piece is a perfect match for today's fashion. A ring that you will always want to keep close to your side as an amulet to convey the message of the stone.

The Nudo and M'ama non m'ama rings can be worn layered for an elegant or coquettish look. The combination of the two collections is also recommended.