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NUDO ring size: petite, classic or maxi?

The NUDO ring is available in four sizes, starting with the smaller center stone, Petit, Classic, Maxi and Assoluto. (The only assorted stones presented for the 2018 Pomellato 50th Anniversary are amethyst, blue topaz and lemon quartz.)


pomellato nudo ring size

The Petit is a lovely size that looks great on a pinky ring.

It is also very popular these days as a Phalange ring to wear on a joint to make your nail art look better.

If you are choosing a ring for the first time, we recommend the classic ring so that you can enjoy stacking it with other sizes later on, as well as having a strong presence on its own.

Maxi is big enough to be the star of the show. It can be the main part of an elegant layered look.

The assortment is voluminous enough to hide your fingers. This ring is a simple yet bold way to express yourself with a simple yet powerful personality as impact jewelry.


Pomellato nudo stacking ring size

The NUDO ring can also be worn with any of your rings.

It is easy to match with YG yellow gold, WG white gold or Pt platinum as it has a simple mountable design with elegant K18 rose gold arms, so many of our customers coordinate it with their wedding rings or eternity rings.