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The charm of Italian jewelry - Marco Bicego Jaipur Color Collection -

Hello everyone :) This time, we introduce the popular collection "Jaipur Color" from Marco Bicego.


Established in 1958, Marco Bicego crafts all of its collections by hand in its headquarters' workshops in Italy. The surface finish, called "inciso," is meticulously hand-carved, creating a silky texture and an elegant, sophisticated nuance of gold. We offer a wide range of designs, from everyday wearable gold pieces to colorful stone variations that capture the essence of Italian jewelry.


The Jaipur Collection is characterized by surrounding colored stones with gold. In this collection, there are various sizes and types available, allowing for stacking and coordinating for added enjoyment.

The charm is just the right size, so even if you don't usually wear jewelry, it's easy to incorporate. By incorporating one item, you can add more glamour to your outfit.


This is a stack of London Blue Topaz and Chalcedony rings. It seems like a good idea to unify with cool colors like Amethyst and Mother of Pearl.


A colorful bracelet from the Jaipur Color Collection. The combination of gold parts and colored stones is very delicate and light. It's also easy to match casually, so you can enjoy it in various situations!

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