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To coordinate with mature women, use colored gemstones to your advantage! "Pomellato Iconica Collection"

We introduce Iconica jewelry that stimulates women's fashion sense.


Pomellato's Iconica collection is popular for its voluminous shapes and designs decorated with colorful stones. The new series released in 2023 has a very impressive combination of gold and vivid colored stones.


This voluminous ring can be worn alone or layered to accentuate your outfit. It would be fun to think of an outfit with a ring as the main part.


The deep red garnet is a passionate and positive power stone. It will give you a happy glow with positive power.


London Blue Topaz like the color of the clear sky, this is a symbol of wealth and good fortune and is said to be a stone with healing effects. Wearing it will make you feel fresh and relaxed.


These earrings have a chubby form and a feminine and gentle impression. Peridot adds freshness.


"It is said that the peridot which is attractive with its fresh sparkle will make your inside glow and enhance your charm. " It will make you more like yourself and make you shine every day.


The lariat necklace is adjustable with a gold slider decorated with colored stones. Depending on the mood and fashion of the day, you can freely arrange how to wear it and enjoy it.

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