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To look stylish and sexy … - Chanel Boy-Friend -

Chanel should also be worn by men. Chanel has a strong image of women, but that's why it's fashionable and sexy when worn by men.


Introduced in 2015, the Boy-Friend is a collection that follows the style of Premiere, Chanel's first watch, but highlights more mens-like elements, as the name suggests.


Compared to the Premiere, it has a larger case size, a minimalist dial with a beautiful three-dimensional feel due to shading, a black alligator and an iconic tweed strap, and attention to details that can be said to be unique to Chanel, which is highly skilled in design. It exudes a masculine charm that is the opposite of feminine Premiere.


The point is that you can choose any outfit, and it goes well with casual or jacket styles.

We hope you all find your favorite one.


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