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Would love to know the brand history of “DODO”, a jewelry brand with a variety of heartful messages.

Dodo is an Italian luxury charm brand founded in 1994.


Born by Pomellato's creative director, Sergio Sylvestris, with the desire to "make a small piece of jewelry that is loved by the younger generation, the children of Pomellato's customers, with just one gram of gold."


A long time ago, a bird called Dodo that lived on Mauritius Island became the icon of the brand, and this Dodo bird became the motif of the first product of the brand.


As a whole, most of Dodos jewelry motifs are creatures such as animals and plants, and with playful motifs and narrative unisex designs, the brand provides a wide range of luxury jewelry that can be freely customized.


Dodo's jewelry is made from precious metals and stones procured in a sustainable manner, top-notch craftsmanship and the creativity of Italian design.


Originally a brand that started for the younger generations, however, its small and luxurious design became popular to others.


Pomellato is available through 50 official and franchise stores, and more than 500 authorized partner shops located across  Europe, the Americas, and Asia.