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Would love to know the brand history of Marco Vicego, the Italian jewelry favored by many celebrities!

Marco Vicego is one of the most popular Italian jewelry brands today, with its unique hoop earrings and rings with twisted designs.

"Vicego company, the predecessor of Marco Vicego was founded in 1958. The company was founded in Vicenza, one of Italy's most popular cities for the jewelry industry, and the founder, Giuseppe, was a skilled goldsmith for a long time, producing traditional gold jewelry.

The arrival of Marco, the second generation, marked the beginning of the company's development as a global jewelry brand.

Marco first changed the name to the current one, updated the jewelry designs with a modern and sensual touch, and opened shops in the major cities of the world. He was also an active participant in jewelry competitions, winning numerous awards, including a British Jewelry Award.

The new Marco Vicego jewels, combining the Vicenza craftsmanship inherited from his father with modern and functional design, quickly gained a worldwide following.

Marco vicego is famous for having many celebrities on its client list, including Hillary Clinton and actress Kate Winslet. What makes it so appealing is that all of the jewelry is made by the highest standards of Vicenza's artisans.

For example, the Lunaria series has a matte luster that complements the delicate details of the work. The traditional Vicenza goldsmithing technique of incheso (carved finish) is used to create a matte finish. It is the result of exceptional craftsmanship and the subtle shine that is only apparent when you hold the piece in your hand.

Moreover, the designs are full of originality, demonstrating the craftsmanship at its best. The unique twisting technique of the "Marrakech" and "Cairo" series was inspired by the gold coils that were accidentally created when the machine broke down.

Combining the ancient artisanal skills of the goldsmiths of Vicenza with the brilliant sense of the owner, Marco, Marco Vicego continues to attract women all over the world with his jewelry.