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Would love to know the brand history of “Pomellato”, a jewelry brand with an extensive array of unique designs!

The jewelry brand Pomellato was established in 1967 in Milan, Italy. The founder, Pino Rabolini, focused on the philosophy of "prêt-à-porter", which was just beginning to emerge in the fashion world at the time.

Prêt-à-Porter is an innovative and free way to enjoy luxury fashion by making it ready-to-wear and making it quickly and easily accessible.

It was expected to be a new alternative to "haute couture", where each piece was made to order.

Pino Rabolini was born into a family business of goldsmithing, a skill that Pino also inherited and had been cultivated for a long time. Armed with these skills, the Pomellato brand offered "prêt-à-porter" to the luxury-conscious jewelry world of the time. It was an innovative concept that created a sensation in the jewelry industry by offering jewelry that could be worn easily.

Pomellato loved colorful gemstones such as blue topaz, amethyst and lemon quartz. As a brand with a new feel, unconstrained by existing values, the brand has discovered the vibrant allure of colored stones, once known as "semi-precious stones".

The use of inspiring colors, advanced designs, and sophisticated technology that made it possible to make special cuts, all of which demonstrated the unique spirit of the Pomellato brand, attracted many fans.

Following the introduction of the Prêt-à-Porter philosophy, the visionary spirit of the Pomellato was also evident in this collection.

Pomellato jewelry, recognized worldwide for its unconventional and innovative style and its authentic quality, is an exceptional piece for the woman who has created her own style.