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Would love to know the history of “Cartier”, one of the five major jewelers in the world.

"The King's Jeweler, the King of Jewelers", a gift from King Edward VII of England to Cartier. For over 100 years, Cartier jewelry was the favorite of royalty and the aristocracy.

Cartier's history began in 1847, when Louis-François Cartier took over the jewelry workshop at 29 Montorgueil in Paris from the jeweler Adolphe Picard.

In 1899, Cartier opened a salon on rue de la Paix, north of Place Vendôme, which was already cosmopolitan and prestigious, and expanded to London, New York, Russia and India. Cartier's fascination with the aristocracy, royalty, artists and film stars leads to the creation of more innovative collections, thus further solidifying its position as a highly creative house.

The ‘Trinity’, triple ring created by Cartier in 1927, soon became an iconic piece, with the story of the artist Jean Cocteau, who ordered it shortly after its launch. Each symbol is represented in three different gold tones: pink for love, yellow for loyalty and white for friendship.

Numerous other stars in history have also shared their love of Cartier, including Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Deneuve, Alain Delon, Andy Warhol and former Princess Diana.

Cartier's universal and modern collections are the result of an exceptional craftsmanship that has been cultivated over 170 years of history. Cartier's jewelry and watches embodying Cartier's know-how and creative style continue to appeal to people all over the world.