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Would love to know the history of “Mimi Milano”, a jewelry brand from Milan that leads women to happiness!

Mimi Milano is a jewelry brand founded in Milan, Italy.

It began at the end of the 1990s as a project of the Broggian Group. Mimi Milano creates jewelry with pearls, diamonds, etc., with the aim of projecting the fine balance of Italian design in its jewelry, innovative design, but also in keeping with the current mode of fashion.

Each item is represented by expert Italian craftsmanship, with high-quality diamonds, bold colors and original in-house cuts. Mimi is a brand that stays one step ahead of trends through bold designs that keep exploring and reinventing trends, based on the traditions established in the past.

For example, rings created in a variety of colors, in innovative sizes, and sautoirs (chain necklaces) of generous length that can be worn gracefully.

Currently, Mimi Milano is available in 26 countries, mainly in Europe.