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How are you all doing? Today, we would like to share with you some of the inquiries we have received from our customers, and introduce you to some of the questions you have been wondering or wishing to know.

I am considering the Pomellato NUDO Classic ring in white topaz. The ring size on my finger is 49, which is a little loose. Eventually, I would like to wear them one on top of the other, but what size ring should I choose for layering?

AnswerFor layering, we recommend that you either increase the size of the ring on top, or choose one size larger than usual if you want to wear it in various ways.

The Pomellato NUDO Classic ring I purchased, Prasiolite, has a muted color and sparkle that I love! Should I have it cleaned at a physical store to keep the shine?

AnswerYou can keep it shining for a long time by taking care of it at home. Wipe it gently with a jewelry cloth or soft cloth after each time you wear it. If you have any stains or scratches that you can't remove at home, please refer to this page.

The base metal used is rose gold, but it looks yellowish in the picture. Is it different from pink gold of other brands (Bvlgari, Chaumet, and Piaget)?

AnswerThe pink color is not as strong as Bvlgari's pink gold.
Unlike yellow gold, however, the rose gold color is calm and elegant.
The color is a lustrous gold made with traditional Milanese goldsmith's work, which enhances the beauty of Pomellato's colored stones.

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