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1. How do I choose the right ring size?

Italian jewelry comes in European sizes The following size chart will help you  choose the right size. If you are sizing a thick ring, we recommend going up one size to ensure a smooth fit.



2. Why is the price so low compared to the regular price domestically?

We are a parallel importer, and we have contracts with the authorized distributors of each brand in Italy. 
As a result, we are able to directly import new and authentic products at contracted prices, and are able to provide
our customers around the world with luxury brand jewelry and watches at lower prices than 
regular prices.


3. Do I have to pay customs duties?

For shipments to the U.S., items are shipped from Italy and then inspected and packed at a collection center in Oregon before being sent to you. 
Customs duties and shipping fees are included in the item price.


4. Is it possible to return, exchange, or cancel the order?

We will place an official order with Italy after you place your order, so we do not accept cancellations one hour after you place your order. Returns and exchanges are available for items that meet our requirements. For more information about our return and exchange service, please visit the following page.

Luce Jewerly Returns page


5. How is the order process? How long is the delivery time?

After you place an order, we will place an order with each manufacturer in Italy.  If the manufacturer has the item in stock, it usually takes about 3 weeks from the time you place your order. 
If the brand does not have the item in stock, or if the size needs to be adjusted, we may need more time. 
In such cases, we will contact you to discuss the delivery time.

Since the products are ordered from overseas, there may be some delays due to shipping congestion or conditions at the Italian factory. If you are in a hurry, or if your order is for a gift, please make sure to schedule your order well in advance.


6. I would like to choose a darker colored stone. Is it possible to choose 
the color stone before it is shipped from Italy?

If the customer has a preference for the color of the colored stones, we will let  them know when we place the order with the brand. However, unfortunately, we do not allow customers to choose the color stones before shipping to Italy. 
We are sorry that we could not meet your request, but we hope that you will feel that the stone you receive is a good match for you, as it is a natural stone with its own personality.


7. Do you have any sizes below 49 or above 55

Sizes smaller than #49 and larger than #55 will be made at our factory in Italy before being sent to you. Please allow one to two months for production as we make them from your order. If you wish, please let us know your desired size so that we can confirm the details.


8. Is it possible to order products or collections that are not listed on the website?

All current products of each brand are available for order. Please ask us.


9. Is it possible to order jewelry that has been discontinued?

Yes, please feel free to contact us for discontinued products. If the product is in stock in Italy, we will order it for you.


10. Does the product come with an international warranty and accessories?

Each brand's international warranty card is included in the package and sent to you. The product will be delivered in a brand-specific box or package.


11. Is there any additional cost on top of what is shown on your item page?

We directly import all luxury jewelries and watches from Italy to ensure to deliver these valuable items with discounted prices. All of our items will be carefully inspected by our staffs and delivered to you with no shipping costs (to worldwide locations) and no import duty (for US and Canada address). For shipment to areas except for US and Canada, you may be required to pay taxes such as import duties, VAT and excise duties upon receipt the package.


12. I'm worried if my item gets lost along the way.

Our delivery schedule is usually about 7 days to 3 weeks because we purchase directly from our suppliers in Italy. We understand your concerns. To make you feel comfortable during your wait, we provide delivery status report to you on every steps.

Here are the details of our report, each will be sent separately or in single email.

  1. Your order(s) details.
  2. Confirmation of your payment.
  3. Purchase of your item(s) and delivery status.
  4. Arrival at our store and delivery to your address.

If you have any question during above mentioned period, we are happy to assist you :)


13 .What after-care service can you offer?

We have our own guarantee service on all of our item. Easy steps to use our guarantee service. If you have any issue with your jewelry, for example, your favorite jewelry is scratched, or perhaps your ring became small, you can contact us with issue details and we will assist you.

For example, if your ring is scratched, contact us about the issue with details, and then send us the item along with the brand's quality certificate.

Our professional repairman will carefully inspect your ring and repair it accordingly, and we will return it to you.



 How to order

1. Add items to your cart.

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2. Click "CHECK OUT" button

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4. Confirm the shipping information.

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5. Select your payment method 

We accept all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express (AMEX).

We utilize Paypal as our payment method due to the security of the payment.

Paypal accepts VISA, MasterCard, JCB and American Express credit cards.

Please click "Pay now" button after confirmation. 



6. Final confirmation of your order

The order process is now complete.




After your order is confirmed, an "Order Confirmation E-mail" as below will be automatically sent 

to your registered e-mail address, so please check it.




If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours,

there is a possibility of an error.

Please check your registered email address once again.


It has been reported that some emails are automatically sorted into 

the junk mail folder, so please configure your settings in advance 

so that you can receive emails.



It is the greatest pleasure for all of us to know that 

you will want to store with us again. 

We will continue to make every effort to provide you 

with peace of mind and trust.

Please enjoy your shopping experience with us.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.