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Authenticity guarantee

【Luce Jewelry is 100% guaranteed to be authentic】


For your peace of mind, three Promises to Customers

1. Luce Jewelry guarantees the authenticity of all its products. We do not allow "fraudulent" products to be distributed!

Luce Jewelry is committed to preventing the distribution of fraudulent branded products and only delivers items that have passed our strict in-house standards of authentication and can be guaranteed to be authentic.

All items are 100% brand new and authentic and carry a brand-issued serial number (with the exception of brands that do not provide a serial number).

We promise that we do not sell any used or unauthentic items. When we ship your item, we will send it to you with the brand's original packaging and an international warranty issued by the brand.


damiani quality certificate card


pomellato quality card



2. Guaranteed to be genuine, so if something goes wrong, you'll be compensated

In the event that a product is suspected of being a fraudulent product after the purchase, we will take full responsibility to deal with the issue. In the unlikely event that an item is found to be fraudulent, we will refund the full purchase price.


3. Reliable Customer Service

Luce Jewelry's customer service team is staffed by branded experts who will provide a wide range of customer satisfaction services, from product consultation to post-purchase servicing.


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