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It's raining in Tokyo from this morning. When going out on a rainy day, you need to be creative with your coordination. When it rains and the sky is dark, I try to wear jewelry with a slightly brighter shine. This will make my face look brighter and lift my depressed mood from the rain.

We have a lot of consultations about jewelry coordination, and finding a favorite piece together with our customers is the most enjoyable time for us. We also receive a lot of questions on a daily basis about purchasing. Today, we would like to introduce some of our customer emails so that more of you can enjoy shopping with us with peace of mind.

The price of Luce Jewelry is lower than the list price on the Pomellato official website in Italy, even including shipping. What is the reason for the low price?

AnswerWe have a contract with a store in Italy and import directly from there. In addition, since we do not have a physical store but only sell online, there is no middleman and we are able to offer lower prices.

I am thinking of purchasing the Pomellato NUDO pendant. Is the non-jewelry part rose gold? The base looks like white gold. Also, what is the length of the chain?

AnswerThe chain is rose gold, and its base has a natural white gold finish that makes the white gold look more like rose gold, in order to eliminate the border between the rose gold and the chain.
White gold is also used for the bond between the stone and the base (at the bottom of the stone) to make the colored stones more transparent and brilliant when illuminated.
The length of the chain is adjustable to three levels: 38cm, 40cm, and 42cm, so you can adjust the length according to your mood and fashion.

What did you think of it? If you have any comments or questions, such as "I want to know this," or "I want to ask something else," please feel free to contact us :)

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