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Why Pomellato's London blue topaz is so popular!

Japan has entered the rainy season. In this humid season, cool blue jewelry naturally attracts our eyes. Blue-colored jewelry is rapidly gaining popularity this season, and Pomellato's London blue topaz is always the most popular in our store.


There are various types of topaz, but the London blue topaz has the deepest and most beautiful blue color, and is especially expensive because of its rarity.


At first glance, you can't help but be fascinated by the deep blue color. The enchanting color is recommended for mature women. The cool, deep color of the pendant, earrings or pierced earrings can also tighten up your face.


The chilly blue color, reminiscent of the deep sea, shows a beautiful transparency that makes you feel calm from the bottom of your heart depending on the angle when the light hits it.


London blue topaz is a popular power stone in recent years. It also has a calming effect and is said to relieve stress and give strength to overcome difficulties. The positive power of London blue topaz is also effective for love and interpersonal luck. It is said that the calm color stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system just by looking at it, making you relax and facilitating interpersonal relationships.


Another reason for its popularity is that its high hardness makes it resistant to scratches and allows it to retain its beauty for a long time.


London blue topaz jewelry can be worn every day as a good luck charm or as an accent to a mature chic outfit, and we hope you will incorporate it into your wonderful daily life.

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