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Which finger should you wear it on? A message ring that has a meaning for the finger you wear it on

How are you all doing? We have talked about the beautiful language of gemstones, but the finger you wear the ring on also has a message. Today I would like to talk about which finger has what message.

The message of the ring changes depending on where it is worn


It is a position that increases power and charisma. It is a place of power when you want to grow and act powerfully.

・Index finger
The index finger enhances judgment, decisiveness, and control. This finger is ideal for those who are in a position of authority over others.

・Middle finger
The middle finger is the position that enhances intuition and releases fear and trauma. It is also a good finger to use when you want to improve your relationships.

・Ring finger
The ring finger supports the ability to gather and protect what you have. This finger has a blood vessel that leads directly to the heart and has been believed to strengthen bonds.

・Pinky finger
The pinky finger is said to be in a position to attract the power to make wishes come true. It is also a good finger to use when you want to gather happiness.


A piece of jewelry that you keep close to your body is like a partner. Which finger would you wear it on?

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