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The Two Secrets of London blue topaz and blue topaz, November birthstone

How are you all doing? Today, we would like to introduce the charm of topaz, the birthstone of November, along with our popular Pomellato NUDO collection. Please check it out.


Features of London blue topaz



Pomellato NUDO london blue topaz
Topaz is hard, scratch-resistant and highly transparent. One of the most beautiful and rare gemstones is the London blue topaz. Each color of blue topaz is called by a different name. The light blue is called "Sky blue topaz", the dark blue is called "Swiss blue topaz", and the one that is almost dark blue is called "London blue topaz". The power of gemstones is also said to calm the spirit and heal and strengthen the mind. Due to its rarity, it is more expensive than other topazes. Many people give them as gifts to their loved ones or for anniversaries.

Stone language
"November birthstone”

Thought enhancement, Smoothness, Success, Inquisitiveness, High leadership skills

Features of blue topaz



Pomellato NUDO blue topaz
The popularity of blue topaz quickly spread due to its bright blue color, transparency and beauty. It is said to enhance the ability to communicate and improve one's education. It has also been revered since ancient times as a guardian stone to protect against unforeseen accidents and calamities. The stone is pure and transparent, making it easy to wear for both men and women.

Stone language
"November birthstone”

Brilliance, Calmness, Poise, Concentration, Hope

What did you think of it? London blue topaz and blue topaz are recommended as birthday gifts for November. If there is a product you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.

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