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Pomellato M'AMA NON M'AMA stones and messages

Christmas is almost here. At our store, our staff is busy packing Christmas gifts. Whenever you see a piece of jewelry that you have received as a gift, you will remember the joy you felt and feel a sense of warmth and positivity. One of our customers owns one "M'AMA NON M'AMA" for every important occasion in her life. She says that the message in M’AMA NON M’AMA encourages her when she is entrusted with a big job or when she is going through a major event in her life such as marriage or childbirth.

The message behind M’AMA NON M’AMA


Each stone in the M’AMA NON M’AMA has its own message. You can receive the power of stones by wearing them, such as garnet "fruitfulness", London blue topaz "joy", and amethyst "love".

Three types of attractive shapes


London blue topaz, garnet, and amethyst are "square" shaped; fire opal, moonstone, and green tourmaline are "oval" shaped; and others are round.

Playful Italianness


Each shape is slightly different, so you can wear them on top of each other to create a unique look. The message of the round red tourmaline is "will”. This jewelry is like an amulet that can be combined with the message of the stones to create your own story.

It would be wonderful to give it as a gift to a loved one with your heart, or to collect your favorite messages and wear it as an amulet. Did you find your favorite?

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