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A top-ranked jewelry brand "MARCO BICEGO" with shining Italian craftsmanship.


This jewelry brand was launched in 2000 under the concept of "Everyday Luxury" by Marco, who has won numerous awards in the jewelry world and gained worldwide recognition. Completely Italian-made, where skilled Italian craftsmanship and creativity are evident and every step of the process is done by hand in the company's own factory! Many of the designs are inspired by nature, and the wearer is captivated by the comfort of luxury and the irreplaceable value of the artisan's handiwork.

Today, we would like to introduce you to MARCO BICEGO's charms collection by collection.

Jaipur Link Collection


It is characterized by its modern and warm form. The design has a strong presence, also perfect for casual use! In fact, the surface of this chain is finished to remove luster by the carefully applied inchizo process, which is a fine craftsmanship.


You will be enchanted by the unique forms that are created by human hands, and no two are alike. It is truly a work of art.


Jaipur Color Collection


This series is inspired by the beautiful sunset in the city of Jaipur in India and traditional stone carvings. This colorful series is decorated with carefully selected stones from Pink City, the city of stones.

Lunaria Collection


This collection is inspired by the Lunaria flower, one of MARCO BICEGO's most popular flowers. The delicate thinness and supple nature-like form are impressive.

Series decorated with diamonds



A series with milky-colored aquamarine is also available.


Paradise Collection


The design is playful with a variety of colored stones, inspired by the Mediterranean islands rich in nature. The 18k gold chain, colorful colored stones, and subtle hand-engraved gold beads create a world that is as gorgeous as paradise, making this a happy collection that can only be worn by the most fashionable. This one is also a favorite of Ms. Hillary Clinton. Many fashionable celebrities are said to be patrons of this one!

How did you like them? There are still other wonderful collections in MARCO BICEGO. Please look forward to our next issue.

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