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Highly recommended for men new to jewelry! Fred Force10 Black Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds. When most people hear the word "diamond," it is likely to remind them of "something a woman wears" or "an engagement ring. Today, we would like to erase these stereotypes and introduce FRED Force10 jewelry, which is especially recommended for men.


Black diamonds have become something of a common sight these days. While many men may not have worn jewelry yet, we have heard numerous comments that black diamonds are easy to use.


Not all black diamonds emit the same color, but there are variations such as jet black, black gray, and black brown. The black diamonds used by FRED are almost jet-black in color, and their deep hue is unintentionally fascinating.

Look closely at the photo above. The black diamond stones are set in different sizes to match the design lines of the FRED Force10. This uncompromising approach to design may be one of the reasons why FRED jewelry has been so well-loved.

Moreover, it is a gemstone that is not only beautiful but also very powerful. Typical black diamond language of gem means "success," "charisma," "fortitude," and so on. It is a gemstone with the power to bring good fortune that has been loved by many authorities since ancient times. If you wear it as a power stone when you want to overcome your weaknesses or when you want to acquire an individuality that will defeat others, it will be effective as a reassuring amulet. It is a lucky guardian stone that brings success in life.

The Black Diamonds here are matched a with black cable, but just by changing the color of the cable to a different one, the appearance could be completely changed.


The appeal of this type of cable is that you can easily replace it by yourself. As you add more color variations, you will be more pleased to be able to easily replace the cables and change the color according to your mood of the day.

We hope you enjoyed this article. FRED Force10 is also popular among men. It is recommended for men who are new to jewelry and diamonds, as well as for lovers and couples who want to make a pair. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our items or have any questions.

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