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How to choose a stone of Pomellato jewelry?

Pomellato's gemmasters create a wide variety of colorful and unique gemstones, all of which are so beautiful that it is extremely difficult to choose just one.

We've had many people ask us, "I'm having trouble deciding which stone to purchase! We recommend choosing by birthstone or a stone word that you like.

Particularly popular is the London Blue Topaz, which has a deep, dark blue color that is of precious value.

The stone has a diamond-like clarity with high hardness and low inclusions, and is an atmospheric color. The calm color is elegant and popular with all ages.

The fresh, bright blue topaz is also a highly favored stone, as its clear, gentle color is also considered to have a healing effect. London blue topaz and blue topaz are also the same Topa, the name given to topaz that has a blue coloration.

A sharp, layered stone that can be worn with other colored stones, London blue topaz and blue topaz are elegant and sleek for any occasion.


We also recommend amethyst and prasiolite, which are good for your face.

Amethyst has a mysterious purple color and has been used since ancient times as an amulet with a high purification effect and power.

It is often chosen as the birthstone for February and as a gift for a sixth wedding anniversary.

Amethysts that are green and transparent are called prasiolites. Its calm, modest green color has become a popular stone in recent years.

The name "Prasiolite" comes from the Greek word "Prasios" (light green).


Each stone is uniquely cut to showcase the pure beauty and clarity of gemstones.

Pomellato prides itself on its craftsmanship, which is handcrafted daily by artisans at its headquarters in Milan.

You can feel the delicacy and soft curves of jewelry made by investment cast in your hand.