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Our Jewelry Coordination - Pomellato Jewelry

Coordination1: Nudo Earrings Blue Topaz Diamond/Nudo Classic Ring Blue Topaz


Pomellato nudo rings blue topaz coordination

The clean blue topaz is the star of the show, combined with diamonds and white topaz for a more luxurious look. The diamond pavé contrasts beautifully with the blue topaz.

This gorgeous pair of earrings is a great way to brighten up your face and make you feel special.

The rings can be stacked in transparent colors for an urban elegance.

Coordination2: Nudo Swinging Earrings Lemon Quartz/Nudo Classic Ring Lemon Quartz

Pomellato Nudo Lemon quartz ring and earrings coordination

Lemon Quartz with bright like the sun light, is a popular piece of jewelry that highlights your coquettish feminine appeal. Wear it with a chic dress and a set of rings and earrings for a more sophisticated look.

The shimmering earrings gather light and sparkle with every movement, while the pure lemon yellow color will give you a warm, shiny, healthy look for dinner occasions.

Coordination 3: Nudo Petite Ring White Topaz/Nudo Classic Ring Lemon Quartz


Pomellato Nudo white topaz and lemon quartz earrings and rings

Popular as a first ring, the white topaz is crystal-clear and sparkling like a diamond.

The petite size of this elegant ring is a great size for stacking with other rings, as it sparkles elegantly for daily or work-chic casual wear.

Coordination 4: Nudo Pierced Earrings Amethyst Diamond Nudo Ring Amethyst Diamond

Pomellato nudo amethyst rings coordination

The deep, moist purple color of the amethysts and the splendor of the diamonds will give you a sense of fine adult discretion.

It's perfect for a tea party with friends!

You can show off your personality with a light dress and a piece of jewelry that makes a statement!

The stacking contrasts beautifully with the pale pink Rose de France amethyst, which is available in different sizes of Nudo rings, for a three-dimensional look.