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World Celebrities Who Love Fred!

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We have added Fred's bracelet to our line up recently.

Since the buckle and cable can be freely combined, it is a jewelry that can be coordinated with a bracelet of different colors or combined with a watch.

This time, we would like to introduce the celebrities who loved Fred.

Fred is a brand founded in Paris by Fred Samuel, who grew up as the son of a jeweler, and since its inception, fans from all over the world and Hollywood stars have been listed as customers. The brand received high reputations from the wealthy people visiting the high-class restaurant "Maxim" which is located in front of Fred’s main store in Paris.

The world famous painter Pablo Picasso also visited the main store, and one of the good customers Bernard Buffet and the poet Jean Cocteau were asked by Fred to design his jewelry.

Fred has also produced jewelries for royal families. Queen Brunei, tired of colorless diamonds, said she looked for fancy colored diamonds such as yellow and pink. Fred also opened a boutique in Monte Carlo, Monaco, to create great jewelries for the Monaco royal family. In addition, Arab millionaires have become customers and have created specially ordered luxury jewelries.

Famous actresses such as Marlene Dietrich and Catherine Deneuve are said to have been fascinated by Fred's jewelries too.

Fred's jewelry is known for being used in the movie "Pretty Woman.” Before going to the opera house, Edward, played by Richard Gere, wears a necklace around Vivian's neck, played by Julia Roberts. It was a gorgeous necklace with 23 stones of pear-shaped rubies surrounded by diamonds.

Fred's jewelries are loved by many celebrities and royal families and captivated by Pretty Woman.

We can back order all Fred products, so if you have a product you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.