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Would love to know the brand history of “Fred”, a jewelry brand with the image of colorful dazzling sun and clear waters of gorgeous resort.

Fred's founder, Fred Samuel, was born in Buenos Aires, South America, in 1908, after his French father emigrated to Argentina.

After deciding to follow the same jewelry career as his father, he opened his own store in Paris in 1936 in search of greater job opportunities.

And the fact that his shop was located opposite the famous restaurant "Maxim", which was colored by many legends, was a big plus for his destiny. At that time, it became a hot topic that there was an interesting jewelry store in front of "Maxim", which was popular as a social gathering place for celebrities, and its originality and creativity became noticeable.

The world is approaching the time of World War II, Fred interacting with Jean Cocteau and other artists who live in a noisy era to shake off that anxiety has greatly inspired Fred's jewelry production.

His jewelry was loved by actresses Marlene Dietrich, Catherine Deneuve and the royal families from around the world. Eventually he became a jeweler for the Monaco royal family, and when his store in Monte Carlo opened, Queen Grace visited.

The charm of Fred's jewelry is that it is modern style with plenty of luxurious materials, and is full of free ideas derived from current culture that match the latest modes. Although the design is simple, it has a lot of colored stones such as jade, amber, and coral that Fred has liked since his childhood, and the famous jewelry "Force 10", which is a brand icon, was inspired by the cable of the yacht.

In 1995, Fred became a member of LVMH, a world major fashion company. Representing the jewelry division of the LVMH, Fred established its position at the same level as Les Grand Cinq by opening its shop on Vendome Square in Paris and has branches all over the world.