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Would love to know the history of the brand "CHANEL"   Always at the leading edge of the times

CHANEL has stepped outside the bounds of one of the many brands, and its founder, Coco Chanel, has created a social phenomenon with her many famous quotes.

The founder, Coco Chanel, opened a specialty hat shop called "CHANEL MODE" in Paris in 1910. She opened the boutique "GABRIEL CHANEL" in a luxury resort area in 1913, and the haute couture boutique "Maison de Couture" in 1915, to make a full-fledged start as a haute couture designer. In 1916, Gabrielle Chanel unveiled her own fashion style, which redefined the history of the fashion world. At the first CHANEL haute couture collection, a dress made of jersey was presented. The low cost, the freedom from corsets, the simplicity and comfort, and the simple design suitable for working women, brought her to the limelight.

CHANEL also introduced tweed suits and the "Little Black Dress", a collection of black mourning dresses that transformed black clothing into the colors of fashion, revolutionizing the fashion world one after another. By introducing fashion styles that matched the lifestyles of women, the company gained the support of working women as well as upper-class women.

However, in 1939, the Second World War forced the company to close all but its perfume and accessory stores. Furthermore, Coco Chanel's friendship with the head of the German National Security Agency, which had occupied France during the war, led to fierce criticism from the French public, and in the years following the war, Coco Chanel lived in exile in Switzerland.

After living in exile, Coco Chanel re-opened her shop in 1954. The following year, Chanel suits are introduced, and she won the Mode Oscar for her brilliant achievement.

She overturned old values and opened up the world with her mode. Chanel was a popular brand that led the way in its time and continues to be loved by women all over the world.